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Media Kit
- Management

Richard London, President & CEO: An entreprenuer and visionary with 30 years of diversified technology and business development experience. Mr. London has developed, built, and taken companies from the start up phase through fruition. Richard London combines knowledge, drive, creativity and the know how to turn dreams into reality. Furthermore, "Success is attained by great strategy, devotion to detail and complete focus" on the mission of the company.

- Web Site Advertising Rates & Specs

Romantic Sites deliver your company's message to thousands of internet users every business day. Romantic Sites enable your banner ad message to reach consumers, e-business and internet professionals who visit our sites each and every day. The London Group of company's represents over 100 e-commerce sites, ready to carry your message to the world. Moreover E-Commercelife will take your dreams, aspirations, hopes, desires and turn them into reality by generating revenue for your firm. Forrester Research estimates that by year's end consumers will have spent more than 5.5 billion dollars online.

- Regular Banner Rates (468 X 60)
To 10,000 $87
100,000 - 500,000 $84
500,000 + $78

- Medallion Banner Rates (125 X 125)
To 10,000$70
100,000 - 500,000$67
500,000 + $62

- Specifications:
Regular Banner Size: 468 X 60
Medallion Banner Size: 125 X 125
Maximum File Size: 12k
File Format: gif, javascript, java, html
Banner Delivery: banner may run from specified date to specified date, or until a specific number of impressions has been reached.



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